Adult 18+ Years

Program Prerequisites - No Gymnastics Experience Required!

Philosophy - Whether your goal is to learn beginner level skills such as a handstand, cartwheel, or handspring or to reestablish the ability to perform previously learned gymnastics skills, the breadth of this program facilitates all ability levels and objectives.

Structure - Students are divided into groups of similar experience 
and learning objectives. Emphasis is placed on floor exercise and trampoline skills. By attending classes twice per week, the stretching and strength training in each class will provide the physical preparedness gymnastics requires. All classes are coed.

Accomplishment - Students will receive regular fitness assessments that will describe progress made towards meeting their fitness goals.


Schedule & Fees

  • All levels of experience are welcome
  • Co-ed classes
  • Emphasis on Floor and Trampoline

$135/mo + GST (Two 75 min. classes/week)

Monthly fees cover 4 week intervals of classes — see calendar

Birthday Parties!

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