Gymnastics for Parkour

parkour flipside 35363f8840d73379218dafd489143304Parkour (freerunning) has become a very popular activity these days. It is getting from point A, facing obstacles where you need to jump, climb, run, swing and flip to get to point B as quickly as possible. Flipside is responding to this demand by offering Gymnastics Foundations for Parkour. It is a safe, indoor environment where athletes can incorporate fitness into their lives and learn a series of skills they need in order to perfect the fancy acrobatic movements performed in Parkour (freerunning). Access to our tumble track which teaches jumps, twists and flips placing only their hands and feet on the track which leads directly into our 24 foot foam pit. This leaves them with practiced and correct body movements, body strength and balance all while having fun.

We will always try our very best to accommodate each registration as they are received. Please note that these classes will result in waitlists as they fill up. Early registration is suggested.


Please contact office as we are currently building a class list for program to be opened as soon as the class(s) have the minimum number of enrollments.

Schedule & Fees

  • All levels of experience are welcome
  • Co-ed classes
  • Emphasis on Floor and Trampoline

$135/mo + GST (Two 75 min. classes/week)

Monthly fees cover 4 week intervals of classes — see calendar

Birthday Parties!

birthdayFlipside birthday parties are a great way to have fun!

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